Smart engineers enable Smart Site Technology

Maintaining a large number of London’s key buildings and Leisure centres is Essex based specialist Pumps and Motors (UK) Ltd, a veteran service company of over 37 years.   Supporting office and site based contract managers, the Pumps and Motors helpdesk team offer a 24 hour emergency breakdown service and preventative maintenance programme.    

“Unlike other maintenance companies, we have a fully equipped workshop including welding, prefabrication, lathe turning and milling workshop. Our mechanical and electrical engineers are multi-skilled and can manufacture most obsolete and non-manufactured parts.”

David Dunn, UK Contracts Manager.

The question is, how does such a successful company handle the man-power and resources that keeps customers coming back for more? 

Posing this question, we asked Dawn Stephenson, Pumps and Motors’ Administration Manager.  “When a customer calls you need all of their information to hand.  If you don’t have the answers they need they can quickly become dissatisfied with your service and ringing them back doubles your effort.   We needed to make life easier for everyone and changing from a manual system to software was the way forward.   Everything you want to know about a job is in EMIR for everyone to see.”

Pumps and Motors chose EMIR, a dedicated business management system designed for the electro-mechanical industry back in the 1990’s.  As early adopters of ERP they have always benefited from a system that is designed around their key needs and industry requirements and a lot has changed in the last 20 years.  EMIR is a product that has been continually developed since its inception with the majority of its features created from the power of customer feedback.

As an organisation, Pumps and Motors were like many other businesses, relying on printed paper to transfer information back to the office from remote locations detailing engineer reports, customer sign off sheets, timesheets and materials taken from stock. Such documents then had to be manually typed into EMIR as a separate administration task.  Information collected in this way can obviously be subject to delay, lost, incomplete or inaccurate and due to the duplication of effort involved, never timely or efficiently available.

Well now Pumps and Motors are getting smart, Smart Site to be precise.  Every engineer carries a phone or tablet device and they are intuitive and easy to use. So now their engineers know where to go, what to do, and all the relevant job info is now easily available from their mobile device direct from the EMIR office management system.

Of course, it doesn’t stop there! With each job are options for: recording of time, mileage activities along with materials used; the completion of safety & service checklists that can be defined in EMIR; taking photographs of the work before and after the job; and finally a signature of the customer’s approval before completing the job.  All this activity is performed straight into their phones.  Within seconds, the information is then back in EMIR and job costing and invoicing can be taking place.   Even when an engineer is working in on a site with no phone signal, they can still update the job ready for when WiFi or a data phone signal is reconnected and then press ‘Sync’.  The important thing is that all of the collected data, costs, photographs and signatures are all in one place, the EMIR system.

Gary Downes, Director of EMIR Software.  “iPhones and Android phones are no longer new technology, they are essential data devices for everyone. Pumps and Motors are an established, but forward-thinking customer, using EMIR and Smart Site to realise the instant benefits of a paperless environment and that can only mean a better service for their clients.”

If you’d like to work with Pumps and Motors UK Limited you can find more about their business from their web site, or by calling Dawn Stephenson on 0208 507 2288.

Smart Site is one of 17 Modules and Extensions available in EMIR, a business management system designed specifically for the electro-mechanical industry.  You can find out more about EMIR software and their clients from their YouTube channel, their web site (, email, or by calling 0845 009 4588.